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Class Actions: Protecting Individuals Living in Long Term Care

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Course Overview

In the wake of Covid-19 many families and loved ones are struggling to find justice for individuals effected by the virus while living in care. This session will cover the process of suing a Long Term Care facility and the benefits of being involved in a Class Action to make the most impact. Michael Reid is a Senior Law Clerk with Will Davidson LLP and is currently involved in over 15 Covid-19 related Class Actions involving Long Term Care facilities, with the goal of protecting individuals living in care and giving them a voice. This course will also look at Bill 218 and its implications moving forward and retroactively. Michael has particular interest and insight regarding this Bill as he and firm partner Gary Will made appeals to the Committee on Justice Policy opposing Bill 218.

This is a timely and unique program intended for all experience levels.

Michael Reid is a Senior Law Clerk with Will Davidson LLP. He joined the firm in April 2018 after working for three prominent litigation firms over a span of 24 years. Michael specializes in class actions, personal injury matters, and has investigated and provided recommendations on all types of claims. He has prepared numerous matters for trial and arbitration both for Plaintiffs and Defendants. He advocates for special interest groups including the Ontario Health Coalition and the Small Ownership Landlords of Ontario. Michael is also interested in politics which has led him to being a current Town Councillor Candidate in the Town of Oakville and is a past and current board member of the Oakville CPC EDA.