Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an account to purchase courses from
You can CLICK HERE to be taken to our registration page. You will be asked to input your first name, last name, and email address, and to create a password.

If you forgot to make a Course Store account before shopping for courses, don’t worry! If you are not logged in, you will be reminded at checkout time and asked to create a password.

Where do I find my courses once I have registered? uses an e-learning platform called Moodle. When you set up your account to purchase courses, an account will automatically be created for you on our Moodle e-learning site as soon as you are successfully enrolled in a course. The user name will be the same as the user name of your account.

If you had an account on our old ezCPD site, it should still exist. Please see below.

I had an account on the old site- how do I log in to the new one?
You should be able to log in to our Moodle e-learning site using the username/email address/password of your old account.

If this is your first time logging into your account on the new system, you will be asked to reset your password. This is normal, simply follow the instructions on screen.

If you have not purchased any courses using our new system, an account may not have been automatically created. To ensure that you are correctly enrolled in any new courses you purchase, please make sure that you create your account using the same username and email address associated with your existing Moodle account.

If you are not able to log in in this fashion, you can click here to reset your password. If this does not work, please email with a description of your problem, and we will help you out as best as we can.

I had an account on the old site, but I don’t remember/no longer have access to the email address I used to sign up for it.
Please contact and describe your problem. We will ask you several identifying questions, and find out if there exists a legacy account matching your description. If there is not, please feel free to create a new account using the instructions above.

I watched one or more webinars on the old site – can I still access the recordings?
If you purchased course live or recorded course on our old site, you will be granted access to the same video on our new site. However, it may take a few days before every legacy course is updated for our new system.  We thank you for your patience during this transition.

Can I count watching a recording as part of my CPD requirement?
In Ontario, the Law Society of Upper Canada allows you to watch up to 6 hours of recorded CPD hours on your own and count them toward your requirement. This includes all 3 hours of the professionalism requirement.

I accidentally created more than one account, can I merge them?
Yes. Please contact us at, with the names of each account you want merged. We will transfer all course enrolments to a single moodle account, and delete the others. You may be asked some identifying questions to make sure that all the accounts do in fact belong to you.

I represent more than one person interested in CPD. Can I purchase courses for multiple individuals using a single account?
We are working to ensure that you can register more than one person at a time. Your account will be used for you to complete the purchase and then each individuals will sign on to the Moodle e-learning site to access their webinars or recordings.

Alternatively, you can email us at, and we will be happy to manually assign the courses you purchase to different Moodle accounts.

Why is my password on the Moodle e-learning site not the same as my password for

***We are currently working on this issue to ensure you only need to sign in once on our site.

If your account and Moodle account were created at the same time, they will automatically have the same password. If they are created separately, then for security reasons your Moodle account will be given a randomly generated password, which will be mailed to you.

If you wish both accounts to have the same password, you can change your password on by clicking here. This change will automatically be reflected in your Moodle account.

If this still does not work, please send an email explaining your problem to, and we will correct it manually as soon as we can.