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As a new lawyer, you have learned a lot of great skills. Yet you still need to learn more, and hone those you have already acquired. You also have to complete your annual continuing professional development.

ezCPD.ca has a great offer. If you have been called to your first bar in Canada within the last 1000 days, all beginner courses that we offer are available to you for free! (some conditions apply).  In addition we provide a significant discount (75%) on all other courses and webinars

  • Unlimited access to all basic courses for your first 2 years, many including professionalism and EDI content
  • All courses count toward your CPD requirement
  • Easy access
  • Handouts and additional material available for download and printing
  • Live and recorded courses
  • 75% discount available for non-beginner courses  for the same 2 years.

Call us at 1-800-481-9211 for more information. Or click on the Sign Up Now button to get started.

The conditions

This offer is available for any lawyer who was first called to the bar in a Canadian province no more than 1,000 days prior to their first registration. The offer is also available to any law student intending to be called to the bar in the next 2 years.

On registration for this offer, we will ask you to provide your date and province of your call to the Bar and your membership number with the law society of that province so that we can verify your information if required. If you are called to the bar (or enrolled in any profession that is equivalent in whole or in part to a ‘lawyer’ – including solicitors and notaries public) in any jurisdiction, this is the date of your first call in a Canadian jurisdiction.

For example, if you are enrolled as a solicitor in England & Wales, this is not your first Canadian call to the bar. On the other hand, if you were a lawyer in Pakistan in 2001, then were called in PEI in 2010 and then decided to qualify in Alberta in 2020, your first Canadian call to the bar date will be 2010 and you are inelligible for this offer.

Your initial registration will be for the calendar year which you may renew for each subsequent calendar year that you are eligible for the offer. Renewal will require action on your part.(Eligibility – the 1,000 days — is determined on January 1 of any renewal year.)

You may not share your login details for any course obtained under this offer for use by anyone other than yourself. If you woudl like to refer others for this offer, please do so at: https://ezcpd.ca/shop/subscriptions/2020-new-lawyers-incredible-deal/