Advocacy Skills: Preparing Your Case

Recorded in 2017

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As a legal practitioner, you are often advocating for the right of injured victims. In doing so, you have two fundamental jobs: (1) to ensure that there is causation (2) to ensure that there are quantifiable damages.

Whether you are preparing your case for Small Claims Court or any number of tribunals, you must be able to create a case that puts your client’s interests in the best possible light. How your present the case  materials is an important part of this process. In other words, your ability to put forward a strong and persuasive case, both oral and written, will depend on your advocacy skills.

In this webinar, Charlene Lewin, of Campisi LLP, will discuss the types of information you will need to include in your Small Claims Court or Tribunal, how to present your case, and relevant legislation and case law.

Accredited for 30 Professionalism and eligible for 30 Substantive minutes in Ontario. 

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