Bad Faith in the Manner of Dismissal

Recorded in 2019 

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In an employer-employee relationship, an obvious imbalance of power exists which may leave employees vulnerable. This is of particular concern when am employee is terminated.

The case law in Canada states that employers are obligated to act in good faith and deal fairly with employees in the course of termination. Failure to do this may result in the employee being awarded damages for bad faith.

In this webinar, Ned Nolan, an employment lawyer with Nolan Ciarlo LLP, will discuss what bad faith means, particularly in light of Honda damages in employment law cases. Included will be:

  • Definition of good faith
  • What constitutes bad faith? Unfair dealing?
  • How are bad faith damages determined?
  • Impact of context (e.g. employee’s age, age, length of service) in determining damages.
  • Most important case law – The impact of Honda

Eligible for 60 substantive minutes in Ontario and approved CPD in BC.