Brainfishing: Influence and the Art of the Question

Recorded in 2019

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Professionals provide critical services in high risk, high tension situations.  Building trust quickly and effectively with clients strengthens the working relationship and leads to better outcomes in almost any situation.  How professionals engage their clients and influence other parties is a critical skill set for success.

To build trust and influence outcomes requires us to access the best part of everyone’s brain – the thinking, engaged, creative resources everyone brings to the table.  Unfortunately, we often trigger the worst in each other rather than the best.

BrainFishing is a simple and effective skill set that allows us to improve the quality of our interactions with clients, colleagues, and other professionals — instantly.  Learn how to quickly shift any interaction toward constructive problem solving; how to get to the heart of difficult issues quickly; and how to work with highly emotional clients effectively.

Presenter: Gary Furlong is a mediator, negotiator and professional conflict resolution specialist working in Canada and the United States, and co-author of BrainFishing: A Practical Guide to Questioning Skills

Accredited for 60 Professionalism minutes in Ontario and approved CPD in BC.