Cloud Computing: Yeah or Nay?

Recorded in 2017

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We hear it every day – the cloud. It is this place somewhere “out there” that data is sent and stored. 

Maybe you are considering whether to move your practice to “the cloud”. There are lots of reasons to do this: innovation, flexibility, security, and freeing up your IT person’s time are all good considerations. It seems like a great idea.

However, before making the move, you need to think it through from the perspectives of mission criticality, security, privacy, and continuity. If a business runs mission critical systems in the cloud, and that system fails, the business could be out of business. What would happen to your practice if the cloud system fails?

This webinar will explore the questions you need to think through before adopting the cloud, including how mission critical the system is, what happens if there is a short or long term outage, how confidential or personal the information is in the system and how is it to be encrypted, how robust is the vendor’s continuity plan and how robust is the vendor’s security. 

A must for all legal professionals and their IT personnel.

Accredited for 90 Professionalism minutes in Ontario. 

Legal professionals in all other jurisdictions should check with your authority.