Creating Positive Space for Everyone

Recorded in 2019

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We say that we want a more inclusive society. But what does that really look like? More specifically, what does look like in the workplace?

Even if your workplace has taken initiative to hire a diverse workforce (range of ages, ethnicities, religions, gender and sexual identities, and world views) that doesn’t mean you can check off the diversity AND inclusion box on your to-do-list. Diversity is only half of the equation. Creating a work culture where people are respected, appreciated and feel included requires another level of effort.

In this session, Deirdre Pike will discuss barriers to both diversity and inclusion, tools to assess how well your organization is faring on the inclusion scale, and provide strategies for building an inclusive workplace.

Presenter: Deirdre Pike, Senior Social Planner at Social Planning and Research Council of Hamilton, principal facilitator at Queer Transformative Power, and Program Consultant, Social Justice & Outreach, Anglican Diocese of Niagara

Accredited for 60 EDI minutes in Ontario. Approved CPD in BC.