Ensuring Confidentiality in a Digital World

Recorded in 2017

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Do you cringe when they hear the word “encryption”? Do you think it is too complicated to implement and use?

Encryption is now a standard security measure for protecting confidential data. It protects data from unauthorized access by changing readable information (plain text) into cipher text that cannot be read without a decryption key. It has now reached the point where all legal professionals should understand encryption (concepts and use, not the technical details) and have it available for use where appropriate.

This webinar will provide an easy to understand overview of encryption, including:

– A clear, non-technical explanation of encryption

– A review of ethical and legal duties to safeguard data

– Options for encrypting data at rest (on devices like laptops, tablets, smartphones, and USB drives)

– Protection of data in motion (by e-mail and over the Internet and wired and wireless networks)

– How to use encryption options to safeguard data in your practice

Accredited for 60 Professionalism minutes in Ontario and New Brunswick.

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