Ensuring Your Digital Data is Secure

Recorded in 2020

$ 59

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How sure you are that your data, and that of your clients, is private and secure?

As we move to working remotely, understanding how to manage your files and your obligations to safeguard data are front and center.

In this webinar, Marcel D. Mongeon, lead instructor for ezCPD , lawyer and IT specialist will provide practical information and strategies on how to handle your data privacy and security needs. Included will be:

  • A review of ethical and legal duties to safeguard data
  • A clear, non-technical explanation of encryption
  • Options for encrypting data at rest (on devices like laptops, tablets, smartphones, and USB drives)
  • Protection of data in motion (by e-mail and over the Internet and wired and wireless networks)
  • Sources of exposure such as non-company devices and cybersecurity threats
  • Practical tips

Accredited for 60 Professionalism minutes in Ontario. Approved CPD in BC. Others check with your authority