Feminized Justice? Achieving Gender Equality on the Bench

Recorded in 2021

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Canada’s judiciary is becoming more diverse, with more women, visible minorities, LBGTQ and Indigenous people on the bench. In fact, more than half of the appointments since 2016 have been women. But is it enough – and what has it taken just to get to this point in time?

In this session, Judge Pamela A. Thomson, along with Madeline Ntoukas, J.D., will discuss their research on Women Judges in Ontario, focusing on her own journey to appointment, those who went before and those who came after. This will include a discussion on some of the women appointed, and what more needs to be done to achieve a truly representative judiciary. Accredited for 60 EDI minutes in Ontario.

Accredited EDI in Ontario. Approved CPD in BC. Others check with your authority.