How TV and Movie Legal Dramas Make Your Job Harder

Recorded in 2019

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Whether you prefer Perry Mason, Matlock, or Saul Goodman, there’s one thing we can all agree on: a good courtroom drama is Hollywood at its finest. There’s nothing quite like the moment when a lawyer gives a devastating closing argument, tricks a witness into giving a surprise confession on the stand, or reveals a key piece of evidence that makes the jury gasp.

If you clients are watching these programs, they may be influencing their ideas about the legal process in the real world.

In this webinar, we will take a look at some of the biggest myths about the law that you might believe if you’ve only ever seen it practiced on the screen. We will also talk about how you, as the legal professional, need to manage your client’s expectations.

Presenter: Marcel Mongeon

Accredited for 60 Professionalism minutes in Ontario. Approved CPD in BC. Others check with your authority.