No jab. No job? – Employment Rights Coming Out of COVID

Recorded in 2021

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With more and more people in queue for a vaccine, a lot of attention is being put on returning to ‘normal’. However, COVID has made employment anything but normal.

As we move out of COVID, it is important to understand what rights employers, and employees, have in returning to work. Do they have to go back to in person? If the job is in-person, can the employer require a vaccination record? What if an employee declines a vaccine or doesn’t want to return to in-person? What rights do the employer and employee have? What about mandatory use of PPE after the exigency? What is the impact of union contracts or other written employment contracts on the employer’s ability to create different conditions of employment?

In this webinar, Wade Poziomka, lawyer with Ross and McBride LLP, and Jane Gooding, partner with Fiolion Wakely Thorup Angeletti LLP, will share their employment law expertise and experience on the new ‘normal’ employment situation and how you, as a lawyer, should get ready.

Accredited for 15 Professionalism minutes and eligible for 45 Substantive minutes in Ontario.