Protecting Your Electronic Devices at the Border

Recorded in 2019

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Just think of how much we have come to use electronic devices? We carry laptops, phones and tablets all the time. Copious amounts of personal information at our finger tips and stored in terabytes of memory.

You think this information is secure. But what about when you cross the border into the US, back into Canada or another jurisdiction? Can a border security agency access your personal information? Or that of a client that is stored on your computer? Can they track your travel movements through GPS? Can they ask you for your password and take your electronic device from you?

There are lots of questions as to what the Canadian Border Service Agency is allowed to do. In this webinar, David Young,  principal of David Young Law (privacy and regulatory law counsel) will examine the policies which currently govern Canadian border service officers, and provide some ideas on how to best protect your personal, and client, information that you store on portable electronic devices.

 This program contains 1 hour of Professionalism content in Ontario. Approved CPD in British Columbia.


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