Understanding Class Actions

Recorded in 2020

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Class action lawsuits can be powerful tools for obtaining justice for a large group of people. Knowing when and how to pursue them is an important tool in any legal professional’s arsenal. However, you may not have a lot of experience, or training, in this area.

In this webinar, Andrew Eckart, Supervising Lawyer of the Class Action Clinic and Sessional Instructor at University of Windsor Faculty of Law, and Flavia Zaka, a law student and volunteer in the Class Action Clinic, will explore the concepts of class actions. Included will be:

  • A brief Primer on class actions
  • The Amendments to the Class Proceedings Act (came into effect October 1, 2020)
  • How the amendments will change class action litigation in Ontario (for better or worse?)
  • Commentary on the recently filed Long Term Care Actions and other COVID-related class actions

Eligible for 60 Substantive minutes in Ontario.