Understanding Estate Beneficiaries: Family, Friends and Fur Coats

Recorded in 2019

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It used to be simple to know who the beneficiaries of an estate would be: spouse and children, maybe grandchildren. But with the definition of “family” changing, these traditional beneficiaries may not be who your client wants to inherit their estate. This may Include leaving funds to a favourite pet.

In this 60 minute webinar, Augustine Krawchenko, B.A. (HONS), LL.B., will discuss the emerging trends around non-traditional beneficiaries and how these can complicate an estate, and provide some practical tips for helping your client manage their estate planning when non-traditional beneficiaries are included.

The legal regime discussed will be Ontario based. However, this webinar is good for anyone with an estate practice

Accredited for 30 Professionalism and eligible for 30 Substantive minutes in Ontario. Approved CPD in BC. Others check with your authority.