Understanding Workplace Harassment Investigations

Recorded in 2021 

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Investigations are a vital – but difficult – part of workplace management. The value of a proper investigation can’t be overstated: it plays a pivotal role in the imposition of discipline (and any subsequent challenge to such discipline) and provides an important safeguard to employees’ right to procedural fairness.

With COVID-19, employers and lawyers are already seeing a rise in workplace complaints, which has resulted in an increase in workplace investigations.

Whether you have a complaint in your law office, or you have a client facing an employee complaint situation, understanding the basics of workplace investigations is essential to your claim or defense.

In this webinar, employment lawyer Lai-King Hum, principal of Hum Law Firm, will discuss workplace investigations, including:

What do you do when you get a complaint? – or when your client calls you?
What is the law (understanding this will be Ontario based)
Do you always need an investigation? What are the alternatives
What to expect if you do have to proceed to investigation?

Accredited for 30 Professionalism minutes in Ontario (practice management) and eligible for 30 Substantive minutes. Approved CPD in BC. Others check with your authority.