What Ontario Barristers Need to Know About Remote Hearings (2020-08-06)

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Thursday, August 6 at 12:30 p.m. Eastern

Although some Ontario courtrooms have reopened recently, there is a good likelihood that many matters will continue to be dealt with by courts in a remote fashion for the next few months. The purpose of this course is to provide Ontario barristers with an opportunity to learn what is involved with a remote hearing. We will cover the preparation of documents in appropriate form, emailing those documents to the correct email addresses and then accessing the online hearing in an effective and efficient matter.

Information to be covered includes:

  • COVID-19 Court notices
  • Preparing appropriate documents
  • Emailing documents to the appropriate email addresses
  • Using hyperlinks for case citations
  • Using file repository systems to exchange large documents
  • Your setup to access online hearings
  • Ground rules for online hearings
  • Tips and traps in using the technology

Presenter: Marcel Mongeon, lawyer, mediator (online) and lead instructor for ezCPD.ca

Accredited for 60 professionalism and eligible for 30 substantive minutes in Ontario