Getting Lawyers Online

One hour free session on using online platforms

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The current exigency has moved many of us out of our comfort zones. For lawyers — especially those who have been in practice for a few decades — this has meant learning that it may be some time before we return to ‘business as before’. In the meantime, lawyers, judges and the entire legal system will have to learn new systems and strategies in order to maintain and regain service levels to clients.
The purpose of this one-hour course is to provide greater familiarity in the use of the popular Zoom video platform. The course is not specific to any given practice area like litigation or estates but rather considers the video platform as a new generic tool in a lawyer’s practice int he same way that we regularly integrate word processing and voice communications.
The course covers security concerns and provides information that will allow lawyers to consider the fulfillment of their confidentiality obligations to their clients and others. The course also deals with specific information and shows the effective use of the Zoom platform through good meeting practices.
Finally, we will explore the use of some of Zoom’s unique features like breakout rooms and discuss how they can be adapted to various aspects of legal practice.
Presenter: Marcel D. Mongeon, Lawyer, Mediator and lead instructor for


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